To early to talk about football

Im going to start with offense line. I think thats the 450 lb gorilla in the room.

I know there are those down on dickey. He has just been he two years. First year we had 5 guys gone by first half of the 1st game. Next year wasnt much better with injuries. Injuries will lead us again cole is out for a while. That hurts. Barr has retired. Does effect this year.

Were got hunter who is person 2nd team. Caleb i know was hyped i wasnt surpised he didnt do alot the first year. Lost weight he should be ready, its upto his foot work. Preston is the guy they want for center. Springfeild played alot at right tackle. I think joe or the vandy kid. If we can role into the year with no more injuries its should be good.

Good sign is they are learning multiple spots that means we have real depth and options.

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We talked about losing guys. Texas has a couple of minor injuries. The lost the reciever from Wyoming for the year. Lost a lineman for the year. And kicked hall off team. Some talk that ewers mite not get the start.

So who every us made about our line go get texas. There talken as many as 3 freshman could start.

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Poke report had a good article about the shape of the big 12 in fall practice.

They talk about teams scrimmages. I glad we are not having to do that. 120 play full speed scrimmage will cause injuries. These teams have new coaches so they have to. It sound the stuff we knew about other teams are still problems.

@michael13 you mite find this interesting on poke report

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Thanks Robert !! I’m with you if no more injuries at OL we will be good enough. Caleb getting his chit right will be a big help. Didn’t we get a juco OL in this year ?

Caleb losing weight big thing. When i saw his tape from juco i was surpised they thought he would play. He should be ready now.

Yes webber 1 of the top juco lineman, played in new mexico, out of canada. He had tbe opposite problem as caleb. At a military school they limit your weight. He is growing and going to fight for the left tackle spot.

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That’s right they don’t want linemen getting that big. He’s had a year to grow, if he keeps his quickness he will play a lot. We’ve had several play at 300or a little less. Left tackle is a major spot to fill in

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