‘Too Many Explosive Passes’: OSU Defensive Coordinator Bryan Nardo Sums Up Iowa State Loss

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The Cowboys got burned more times than I want to type. Where do they go from here?

It’s difficult for me to be too hard on Nardo in his first year. But if we’re giving up over 30 to South Bama and Iowa State, then God only knows how much more the better teams are going to put up on us. I don’t want to be the new Kansas of the Big 12, but it’s looking like it’s heading in that direction.

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I agree. I dont need a head coach or coordinators re-capping what happened. i watch the game and record it and watch it again. I want to know how they are going to make the appropriate adjustments to justify their job. Period.


We’re basically TCU during the last years of the Patterson era: Long time coach who had a good amount of success but things had gotten stale at the end.


I don’t know anything about anything…but it almost seems like our secondary was guarding patches of turf rather than covering ISU receivers. Maybe the veritable definition of “zone.”

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It shouldn’t matter that it’s his first year. Tackling was better this week, but against ASU, it was absolutely pathetic. Getting torched like we did by any QB, much less a RS freshman with little experience is inexcusable. So far, our defense is garbage.


That is the exact same thing folks said about Jim Knowles during his first year as DC.


Mike Gundy’s approximate current compensation, making him the highest paid public employee in the State of Oklahoma. — That’s actually incorrect unless they think the $1 retaining bonus after every season should NOT count?! He should’ve given some back or donated a portion towards the recruiting budget. Who in their right mind thought that’s a fair salary for living in a town that has such a low cost of living??? 8.625 mill in Stillwater is equivalent to $25 million for a HC at U$C/Ucla. Should that NOT be a factor? Was it Chad or Holder that gave Gumby that MUCH money???

Oh yea , I’m sure you would give half of it back or half to the portal tea !!! Yea I would feel real comfortable that you would do that One of the most asinine statements I’ve heard in awhile, even coming from you

Good to see ya Mike. I was beginning to think maybe you wouldn’t return.

K-State is watching the tape. No sense running on us. You can’t. We ARE good at that. But you can pass downfield on us all day long. I can’t believe ISU didn’t do it more. Upcoming opponents are going to absolutely wear our secondary out.

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I’ve been here all along I’ve posted you have been too busy repeating your same chit joy

Blown coverages have been the single most factor for the TD’s …. I can remember at least 4 ?
Wide open, that’s someone getting lost

I’m hoping the defense can get a little better, although losing Rucker (likely) isn’t going to help that cause. But we have real issues. We all love Oliver, but he can’t cover. At least 3 of the blown assignments looked to be his guy. But he’s probably our best pass rusher. Can you play a linebacker that can ONLY rush the passer? Besides Oliver, who up front has stood out? The big kid from Utah Tech is decent in running situations. Benson made a lot of tackles in the run game against ISU. But he’s not been real good in prior games. A couple of the busts were on the backup freshman safety, so one can hope when we get our starter back we’ll be better. And again, they are all learning the new system so there could be marked improvement game to game.

But this season, and our team’s performance isn’t on Nardo. In the end, he’s doing what he can with what he has to work with: 3 Position coaches who’ve never coached the 3-3-5 and weren’t ‘his’ guys; zero recruits for the 3-3-5 system; and an offense that gives up a half dozen 3 and outs and 2 turnovers per game.

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Given the circumstances I thought the defense played pretty good. Their run defense was amazing and I hope Nardo can fix the secondary soon. I see a lot of potential! But…

How much can the defense do for the team. They are getting worn out. Our offense is atrocious. Our OC needs to go and we need to get an OC who is innovative and knows how to exploit the opposing offense. I barely see any slant routes or post routes. Its all running right up the middle or throwing to the sides. and dont get me started on how long it takes for a play to develop.

Maybe we can get to a bowl game and I won’t have to :man_shrugging:. Rinse and repeat.

Naw you will always find something to complain about joy, even when Gundy is gone. Whoever the new one is , you will expect perfect