Top-10 Oklahoma Running Back Recruit Who Signed With TCU Granted Release

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This three-star recruit from the OKC area is back on the market.

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Can he take Brendan Costello’s scholarship since he’s leaving or would he have to take one of this year’s scholarships?

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We could certainly use him. I wonder why the coaches didn’t offer him.

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We should try to get him. He’d be super motivated to put it on TCU and prove to them they were wrong. Evans is a heck of a prospect but supposedly entitled and lazy. That’s probably not gonna work out well for them unless he has a sea change in his ways.

can only sign 25 / yr regardless of how many leave in off season

Yeah, they are going to need to find a loophole or something to get him in this class. Bet goes to NEO and then tries to go D1.