Top four receiving threats

By Texas game - who do you think emerges as our top four receiving threats?

I’d say Wallace, Stoner, Wolf and then Woods… in that order.

Anyone else jump in there?

I’ll bite.

  1. Wallace by a mile and is a top 3 receiver in the nation by Week 3.
  2. Stoner excels on the outside.
  3. Woods finally locks in as a top-shelf TE/Cowboy Back.
  4. Pat McKaufman uses all 6’6" of his frame to pull down balls from the sky and becomes a middle-class version of Ateman.

I’ll do @DrCCowboy one better. Not only do I think Wallace will be in the top 3, I think he’ll be regarded as the number 1 reciever in the country. With the QB race continuing into the season, I think both QBs will be looking to make big plays with a WR they know can work some magic. Wallace will have 3 100+ yard games and 4-6 TDs by the time we face UT.

After him, I think Stoner will do some work on the outside and rise to our WR2 option for most of conference play

I love Wolf, but I’m afraid he might take a step back this season. Not sure why, I just have a feeling about it. so I’ll take Brayden Johnson instead for the number 3.

I hope Woods is our number 4, and I think he honestly will be. He’ll be in rotation with some of the other Titans of Mount Othrys, but I believe he will emerge as a clear leader and someone the QBs can rely on as a checkdown.

How nuts is this going to be two years from now?


After two years of being the first school to win both the Biletnikoff and the Mackey while we break into the CFP and then win the natty the following year? Idk Kyle I think it’ll be near the top.