Top-Seeded Oklahoma State Will Face Youngstown State in 2023 NIT First Round

Originally published at: Top-Seeded Oklahoma State Will Face Youngstown State in 2023 NIT First Round | Pistols Firing

The Cowboys will travel to Youngstown State.

First we miss the tournament and now we can’t even play the game at home? Lame.


Do you know why that is? Did they say construction? I missed that part.

Apparently they’re “understaffed” due to the wrestling tournament in Tulsa. I’m not really buying that though since it’s like an hour drive the night before. It looks to me that they either don’t care or will know it’ll be embarrassingly empty on TV.


Why even go to the NIT when you’re the number one seed if you can’t play at home. Should have turned down the invite if we can’t play at home. Ridiculous.

If we dnt make the semis we will know the ncaa was rite.

This is important for boynton. Someone made a comparison to drew. If he is the next drew he needs to get this team to finish well.
I dnt see them winning this one.


This team was last in FT % , last in 3pt%, offense was close to last. Defense was good most games is the only positive. Boone being a head case and our best offensive player I expect they don’t do well. Hope I’m wrong…… plus it’s on ESPN +


Since the NCAA wrestling championship is being held at the BOK Center in Tulsa, why couldn’t our first round game be at the Donald W. Reynolds Center on the University of Tulsa campus? That way our staff could work both events and we would still have a home court advantage.
This is getting lamer by the moment.


I don’t see us winning this game. We can’t shoot and are too streaky. The talent just is not there. Maybe next year. Cisse, if he remains with the team must take a huge leap offensively. And, there is no way that he is 7’ tall. Maybe 6’10".