Trace Ford Explains Transfer to Rival Sooners: 'I've Always Liked OU'

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Ford said it was about business and family.

Best of luck to the young man

Who cares? He’s gone and let’s hope one of the new guys is better.


I’m not falling for it this time guys, you’ve beat this horse to death. He’s gone, he evidently didn’t think it was such a shrine when he went there as a freshman by his tweet !! Let it go !! We have replacements that can play over 25 plays a game


Smells like :ox::poop: to me.


If he’s healthy enough to make it to bedlam…


Hope this is the last article about Trace. “We don’t like them. It’s personal.”-Coach Mike Boynton. Follow his lead.


That is just awful. He thinks we are just stupid. Totally disgusting.





With Gundy’s record in bedlam, I’m sure he stays up nights worrying about bedlam. He’ll probably be the first during the Gundy era to win 2 bedlams.

No disrespect but why is this is guy still getting press from you guys? He transferred. No longer a Poke.


Guys like @bill18 tells us these guys ate investigative reports and this is an osu fan base forum.

When did ford find out were going to a 3 lineman set. Did he think he would play. Anything about the issues he had with the medical staff.

Hey @ar1 jug ford likes the cowboy culture

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Poor jug @ar1 bless his pitiful self. We are talking Ford jumping ship , he goes back to same ole chit. Bedlam and championships … his son @bill18 aka joy lie and make things up when they can’t use bedlam and championships. Jug never comments on anything positive OSU just a grump old man :joy::joy:
Truthfully how many snaps did Ford play last year per game. It wasn’t much

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Poor Michael (mini Robert) never had an original thought in his life. Just repeats Robert all day.

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You still crying jug ? You’ve been crying for two years or more. Get that prod and jam it where you need it, then go clean some stalls You may learn more than two things to biotch about :cowboy_hat_face:

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Funny that’s what Robert says.:thinking:

How’s it different than you and your daughter commenting the same ole chit…. Never a positive thought, you must live a miserable life jug

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It’s like the old saying goes I guess:

“If you can’t beat them, join them.”

I’m sure Trace will have more bedlam wins than most after this upcoming season is finished.

Like what? What exactly have I made up? Explain away if you will. If you’re an OSU fan I would ask you what the two biggest games are on the schedule. Obviously OU is going to be #1 and if you had a brain you would circle the championship game (if they’re lucky enough to make it there). Sorry if I don’t get a boner after beating the Kansas and WV teams on the schedule (which we lost both of those this season). Perhaps I’m even more curious what excuses you’ll find once OU isn’t on the schedule, or if we lose multiple games on a fairly easy schedule next season.