Twins Bryson and Blaine Green Commit to Oklahoma State

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Another pair of twins choose the orange and black.


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That’s what I like to see. That’s 4 4 stars already after the rankings get updated right? Add 3-4 more 4 stars and were looking at a pretty solid class.


I thought that makes one because the other guy got downgraded. Maybe (hope) I am wrong.

The rankings all are over. Some have a 247 rating of 90 and the 4 star twin has a 247 rating of 87. They don’t make it easy to keep up with that’s fo sure.

Very impressive WR haul this week. (3) WR and every one a top 1000 national recruit. Bryson (#31) & Blain (tied for #59) ranked in the top 60 All Time oSu commits per 247 composite rating. Glad to get add the depth at WR. Hope Woz can do the same at RB.

Big win! Now let’s close on the top in-state guys out there. Aden Kelly, AJ Green, Donovan Stephens, ect. I hadn’t been keeping up but it looks like we are striking out on OL…