Two Linebackers Include OSU in Top Group, Another Announces Commitment Date

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Linebackers, linebackers, linebackers.

Whoever is pictured is commuting to us. The pic says it all

“but Oklahoma State is his only Power Five offer, according to 247Sports.”

“Oklahoma State was Reed’s first P5 offer, coming in May 2022”

Either Nardo has an eye for talent, or we better get used to being middle of the pack in a watered down Big 12.

Yea your rite. But, at least there not undersized like that 5’5" go we got from wagner a few years ago. Lol your an idoit.

I’m not the one that thinks the defense is going to be great with a first year D1 DC while we’ve lost two or three pretty good players on defense to the transfer portal and two to the draft from a defense that finished 115th in overall defense last season. You’re an idiot.

Last years defense wasnt that bad. It had some bad games ( cms,ksu). Had some break downs ,but so did 2021’s. Main problem with last years defense was knowless didnt have good enough or ready linebacks ready.

Part of the problem was the offense wasnt scoring and in like the uo game( and the baylor in the title game) sanders gave them 4 short fields.

About the new defense im nervous because ive seen sanders shredded 335. So yea. But their nothing wrong with the players as long as they are there last year by mid season we had 4 gone. Lacy,ford, evers and harper.

SOS. Same ol head coach, same o’l staff same o’l recruits, same o’l concepts, with worst administration. Business as usual under the o’l snake wrangler gundy. Your still as clueless today as you were in 2022 and before.

I tulsa is look for some fans