Two-Time All-American, National Player of the Near Miranda Elish Signs with OSU Softball

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Elish spent time at Oregon and Texas.

Great pick up. We should have 3 elite pitchers. Sound like she brings the hammer too.

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Quickly becoming the Elite Program of all OSU sports


They definitely leading the lady’s. But with the new golf coach they will have a say.

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I hope before we have a new league we build a new stadium and a wrestling facility.

Coach G has built an elite program in a short time. Before him, the Cowgirls had only sporadic and limited success, faced the best program in the nation in intrastate rival OU, and had (and still does) mediocre facilities. Yet, somehow Josh Holliday makes 2.5 times more and has a new stadium palace; in fact, here’s a list of OSU coaches who make more: Holliday, Walton, Gundy, Dunn (wth?), and every other football coach but Richmond, Boyton, Pastrana (who even is that?), David Smith (track/xc), Littell, and John Smith. My point is: imagine if we invested in softball the way we do baseball or other sports. I have no doubt that the Cowgirls would win multiple national titles–they’re almost there now with minimal investment. Also, OSU pays Kasey Dunn $800,000 for that mediocre product. Seriously.

U make some points.
I think both the coordinators make 1 million.
Boynton makes 3 so it’s hard to put him in there.
The girls are the next up for a new stadium.
Pay scales are general comparison to the sports it’s played not with the other coaches in the university.
We are win in all the programs I hope we keep them all.

Patty Gasso makes $1.2 million and at least 11 other coaches make over a half a million. Coach G is way undervalued. My point comparing him to other coaches at OSU is showing how much has been done with so little. None of the other coaches have achieved as much in the last 3 years, except for maybe golf. (I will add that I do not consider golf a sport. Its a country club game that only a handful can participate; it brings no revenue or real attention to the university.) Yes, I know Boyton’s salary–that’s why I said he makes more. I don’t understand what you mean by “it’s hard to put him in there.” Furthermore, they are not “girls.” They are women. Put some respect on there.

I understand that ur feels. Riley makes 11 million. Even with gundy real pay thats over 2 times. Osu doesn’t pay top money for any coach.
Golf man and women do generate revenue.
I have played baseball beer league softball and golf. I have no bias, to me they are all sports. Of course they are women, but they are cowgirls just like we call the footballer kids. Are they kids , well no but to some us they are. If anyone get payed little it’s john smith. Between what he has done and his years here.
I’m glad ur passionate about. Not making excuses for not paying more. It’s tuff rite now for any raises.
Go cowgirls