Tylan Wallace Announces He'll Return to Oklahoma State for Senior Year

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Tylan is returning.


Great news! I wonder if this will have an effect on Chuba’s decision?

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Now Gundy actually has a legit reason to be excited about Cowboy football for next season.
S.S. should be a much improved passer by next season so this looks great. We now need a running back. L.D. is not the man for the job. Stoner will be playing at full speed next season being healed from his injury. Braedon Johnson will be the next great threat. A new punter or someone who is capable of coaching the Aussie is needed. So almost all of the pieces for a 10 win season are now in place. Cowboy back needs to be more involved in the passing game. Field goal kicker needs to figure some things out during the off season. Since we are looking for miracles, how about promoting Kasey Dunn to OC and thanking Gleason for his efforts? Time to Cowboy up Gundy.

We also have to wonder if this will have an effect on Kasey Dunn’s decision making???
Chuba is gone. From all that he has said at the beginning of the season and the same thing at the end of the season is that he wants to help his family. I believe he is talking about earning money = NFL now.
I am not sure how Gundy thinks he can run Chuba less if he stays because L.D. Brown is not an adequate backup to take the load off Chuba.

We can all complain about Gundy’s recruiting, but he does one helluva job recruiting great young men! This one just happens to be an amazing WR too

Is chuba definitely gone?

How can you not love Tylan? Just sounds like a well rounded, humble kid, putting football aside. Chuba too! His mom (not sure about how active his dad has been in his life, if he is APOLOGIES in advance!) did a great job raising him and Tracin.

@Gundysmullet Hasn’t announced yet.

Uh, pass more with a sophomore QB who took his lumps and wasn’t helped by vanilla game plans by not going over the middle.

Gary Patterson seems to recruit great young men too only 5of his recruits are 4* compared to Gundy’s 1.

TCU does recruit good young men, and had higher rated recruits…but we finished higher than them in the standings. Guess we must be coaching our team a little better (and yes, I was frustrated with our offensive play calling this year: need more slants!)

That means in 2017 and 2018 they were coaching a little better.

Now we can really say we are getting excited about next year. If Chuba stays, we are on the road to a good year. Just have to make sure the coaches (except for Dunn) don’t screw it up. Making adjustments to the game plan during the game and at halftime would be a big improvement.

QB better work on accuracy.

Your point about the punter is :100:accurate. If I have to watch Tom shank another punt I’m going to lose it. It’s literally his only job (and with almost no pressure like a kicker has to deal with!) and he constantly shanks it. There must be someone more talented OR we need a special teams coach like the fans have been asking for!