Tylan Wallace Snubbed (Again) as Biletnikoff Award Finalist

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A big snub for the OSU star.

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Smith is clearly gonna win but I think Tylan should’ve been a finalist.


Tylan played in 8 games - I think same or maybe one more than Pitts…Either way Smith has it won easily

I think he’ll get the Heisman too

Maybe if we threw to him on routes besides, what else, the big three, back-shoulder fades, jump balls and bubble screens?

Dylan should have won in 18, no doubt. He got screwed… agree it will be Smith this year but no way the tight end belongs

When your team is overlooked so are the players🤷‍♂️

@kyleboone just read a thing that said Quaydarius Davis decommitted from USC and just put out a top 3 of Kansas, OSU, and LSU. Can you confirm this and if true does OSU have a good shot to lend him??

Tylan played on team with a pathetic offense, played with QB that cannot throw, played for an OC that should be a position coach, played for a HC that’s milking being grossly overpaid, and as a result did not have the numbers anywhere near his potential…

Truly a shame, because with his talent he should have won the award hands down!

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As a chiefs fan and an OSU fan I hope he winds up in KC. Would love to see him grabbing bombs from Mahomes.

correct. but highly doubt osu will land him. osu took four receivers in the 2021 class

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