Tyler Lacy Enters Junior Season with Lofty Expectations

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Knowles: “I think he’s really a pro player and a great prospect.”

3 :star: can’t be pro players

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Him and ford I hope stay one more year will hurt if they go.

Sure three stars can be pros. There’s is a lot of them but it’s up to the coaches to get them there and he’s not there yet. He said he has size and speed but lacks pass rush. Development is the key so let’s see if they can do that.

He’s behind the 8 ball coming out of the big 12

Tell him to go hurt rattler on the first play of scrimmage because that’s what needs to happen. Osu has had average qb play since 2011 yes 2011.

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Hey I dnt mind saying stuff. But. Dnt be Joey. Average qb play since 2011 Is a lil rich. Average qb dnt go to the nfl, mason. I know everyone is down on corndog. But he was 5th in passing yards in 2018 not 65th. He tied Barry for td responsible for. Highest one game total of 501 ( ou game).

If corn dog is 5th then tats saying something

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Bad QB play for way to long and that’s a gundy problem.

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Well he was 5th in 2018 not “is”.

Yea 2 years ur rite

It’s all about winning meaningful stuff and we haven’t won any meaningful stuff since 2011. That’s 10 years ago so at some point something needs to be done.

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I guess u should root for a better team

I hope every big 8 team members go after rattler and who ever the Texas qb will be. I want them to remember the big 8

If aac is the landing spot then Osu needs to ditch the football program and spend 100% of money on basketball. It is what it is

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Be the best at what you can be in

Corndog went 11 for 35 and 184. The kicker scored 6 and Corndog scored 6. He had 2 interceptions. Final score 12 to 31 (K State game)

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Ar0 u kill me I would like to say something that would final shut ur stupid goat roper ess up. It’s pathetic u want anything and everything involved with osu to be bad.
We know that r defense was 95th.
U remember last year. Our oline was supposed to be so good. Well the 3 starters of that team were starters in 2018. It was like usaul not a get line.
There were only 2 games that were bad. 4 of those games we lost were less then 7. U put up the scores he put up in games on was 31. How much does a guy got to put up to make u happy. 31 is more then last year averaged. It really is sad that u just can’t shovel ur chit in norman.
U and Joey make me so sick of hear u cry, that I :pray:ever nite for a big 12 title. Not for me not for gundy not for the athletes not for the student body not for the welfare of the university, but no, to get ur sorry ess off this site.

Who’s crying? Lmao

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Yes u got me crying like a baby. I can believe an adult can be so pathetic. U have saddened me. I have tried to reason with u logical so now its up to the gods to get u to shut up. Can we use one of ur :goat: for the sacrifice.
That is the ironic thing I never knew 2 grown men could cry somuch and here I’m. Well dnt worry if gundy doesnt win I will go the vudu route