Unbeaten OSU Moves into Top 10 in AP Ranking

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The Cowboys continue to win and continue to climb up the rankings.

Playoff expansion needs to happen. SMU and UTSA both undefeated and are behind two teams with a couple of L’s. They don’t stand a chance to get into the current playoff. I hate blue-bloods so so so much!!!


UTSA has only played teams that now have losing records. San Diego State might be pretty good since they beat one team that has a winning record, Arizona State.

SMU will have it’s chance to run the table and replace CinCin in the top 4

They don’t stand a chance because they don’t play anyone. Power five teams get a bad knock for scheduling weak non conference, but utsa entire schedule is like that.

I noticed in today’s “Daily Bullets” a link indicating OSU is 5.5 point FAVORITES at Iowa State.

In fact, we are 5.5 point UNDERDOGS. In other words, Vegas believes there is a greater likelihood of Iowa State beating us than Texas.

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Fox had us 7 under. That means they are 11 points better at home this year. They are the same team.

Shouldn’t Iowa State be a cakewalk? We beat them last year when they were ranked 17th so Obviously we’re better and they’re worse. If Gundy is doing his best coaching, this should be the easiest week yet.

They have the same team as last year,we beat at home by 4. We lost a lot off the offense side. U do remember Hubbard, Wallace and Jenkins. Just because Campbell blow 2 games doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have a top 10 roster.

Warren is out doing what Hubbard did last year. Martin will finish the year with nearly the same yards as Wallace. Iowa State may have the same team but they lost the magic.

I haven’t seen one story about Campbell doing some of his best coaching. If Gundy is doing his best coaching and Campbell is not, it should equal a blowout or cakewalk.

I knew u were good for excuses.
Isu put out more yards then both iowa and Baylor. Campbell is not calling good plays or motivating them.

Got to love ur hate for gundy.
U won’t us use real reason like a ton of freshman recievers and injuries.
But, u can say " lost their magic" did u learn that technical jargon on sec’s feinbergs show or ur grand kids Harry Potter movie.

Sold. We’re going to kick ISU’s butt. And OU in November.

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