Videos: Boynton, Hoyt, Players Talk Preseason Practice

Originally published at: Videos: Boynton, Hoyt, Players Talk Preseason Practice | Pistols Firing

OSU’s basketball coaches discuss preseason practice.

I guess finishing better than 4th in our conference would be considered an improvement…sadly. Boynton better do more than he has done in the past. Going on year 5 of this horrible experiment and we are a disgrace. The guy can recruit and has a mad shoe game. But, he is not a good coach at all. They need to demote him and just let him recruit. He shouldn’t be on the floor at all.

Just think he is doing better then gundy too. We dnot need nil money we need buy out money

Going to have to agree with you a little here. While I really like and respect Boynton’s attitude and commitment to the game and his players his time is getting short when it comes to getting results. Perhaps you need to change your tag to fireboynton seeing how Gundy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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None of us on here get to make the call on when a coach is done, but to me, Boynton gets two more years. If there’s no deep tourney run by then, hit the reset button. If someone asked me to make a list of which coaches I most want to see have success at Oklahoma State, Boynton tops the list. Followed closely by Gajewski, Hoyt, Gundy, Young, Carmichael, Track/cross country coach, then Sanchez w/ equestrian. I did not add wrestling because I’m over the John Smith era. He’s the one coach I would replace immediately if I had the financial power to do so.

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