Wait, Is Coronavius Going to Affect the College Football Season?

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How we doing fam?

Just the fact that we are losing the entire spring practice period is going to be a huge impact on player development as well.

“Are we going to go from not sitting at the same table to 100,000 people jumping all over each other in a stadium on a Saturday afternoon?”

This is the question I have. Say it is just until May when restaurants and general entertainment venues are allowed to reopen. Who all is going to jump on that? How many of your general habits are going to have changed by the time this is done, even if it’s only 6 weeks?

OKC Dave asks people every year about their season ticket order. We’re expecting that to fall off a cliff this year even if everything seems normal by then right?

I just want to say that I appreciate your leadership on this and you using your platform to bring perspective to this.

I don’t see much changing after the isolation period is over. Most everyone will be ready to go back to normal

Talked to someone the other day who’s related to a D1 football coach. The coach said that online classes are going to make it REALLY hard to keep his players eligible. Even if we have a season, we may see some academic casualties from this Spring…

Folks, let’s remember that the government needs to plan for as many possible scenarios as they can. NO ONE knows how long this will last. I certainly hope this doesn’t affect our championship season (!) but if it does we are still fortunate when compared to the people that have and will die from this virus.