Wait, Who is Oklahoma State's Latest Basketball Offer, Khalil Brantley?

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Is he … the best point in New York City?

I have no problem trying to get in early on a kid (I would actually prefer us doing this more), but I was t overly impressed with his film. Some of the things you named (quickness and competitiveness) I love, but he also seems out of control a lot (which also reminds me of Westbrook at some times). That being said, he still has another year to develop, but I can see why he hasn’t blown up on the 4-5 star rankings.

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Boynton didn’t just stumble upon this gem. I think one of his Brooklyn connections spread the word. I would love to see a near future pipeline from the streets of NYC to the cow pastures of Stillwater. But it looks like coach K. has the inside track to this kid. Only a matter of time until Boynton lands a NYC player of the year. He would be wise to heavily work that gold mine.

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I was going to say, Boynton’s from NYC so of course he’s got his connex looking out for kids who can play. I wouldn’t put it past him to steal this kid from Dookie.

Any coach capable of picking the pocket of coach K. probably has enough moxie to someday put together a Final Four team.

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