Warren, Harvell-Peel, Rodriguez Earn Invites to NFL Scouting Combine

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Three Cowboys got invited to Indy.

I suprised sill has got one.
I wonder if all of are guys are still in school. So of those can come back if there in school and have no agents.

Tay should’ve received one IMO

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Yeah, what about

Not playing 90% of the year did Sterling in.

Maybe with no invite Sills antwine and sterling will come back. As long their still in school they can.

Guess they don’t think they’re NFL caliber.

I’d be surprised if the top 3 are not drafted.

Maybe two. I think one of these ends up as a free agent pick up or in the CFL.

Martin for sure will either get drafted or go into a practice squad. Perhaps Sills as well. Sterling should go back to school and play a full season and try next year. Antwine did not shine enough I guess… perhaps go back to school as well.

I’m not sure why Antwine thinks he’s getting drafted. He’s not showed up on any kind of mock draft and he’s not even considered a top 25 defensive tackle in the country. Hell!!! There’s even a defensive lineman from Idaho projected to be drafted. Antwine shows up nowhere.

I don’t think Sills and Antwine for sure will be drafted. I do think a couple of these guys should come back one more year. This year is loaded on defense, rb, and offensive line. I wish my cousin in law Shamari Brooks would use his extra year of eligibility or transfer in state to OSU. His rank at RB is 52nd in the draft. Best of wishes to all these players.

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Sills is projected as a late round to undrafted free agent. Antwine isn’t projected on any mock draft from what I’ve seen. Maybe they get both get picked up as undrafted free agents. I highly doubt both get drafted. Maybe Sills but that’s it.

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I think Warren, Harvell, and Definitely Rodriguez for sure gets picked. Malcolm is the next Zach Thomas type player is what people are saying. He might get drafted late but might be hard to pass. I think Harvell might get lucky if he gets 6 or 7th round to practice squad. I think Warren might be 5th-7th round. Malcolm I’m not sure yet. Tay I think will go undrafted maybe very late. Would be better for him if he could have one more year here. I think most of these guys realistically are late picks. I’d like to be wrong. I think all these guys could be valuable to a NFL team and help win.

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Sills I’m not sure of either yet. I been so busy I haven’t really paid a lot of attention to post season football. I could be off my rocker though.