Warren, Taylor Earn Big 12 Weekly Honors

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OSU players have won nine weekly awards this season.

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Warren the only offensive player to get recognized so far.

Do we call u captain obvious or just jackess
Do all the other school have multiple players winning offense awards. Come on Joey go look and tell us

Yes they do. Go look at the offenses that can score more then two quarters a game. Then come back and tell.

Which schools are racking up these awards. Go on ur making this point. I hope Texas is not on this list we out scored that offense 25 to 24.
Big 12 awards have yet to win any body a game.

Well for example Illinois had two different players named offensive players of the week in the same week. For some reason we only have one guy that’s able to do that.

Last I checked we were talking about big 12 awards.
So if u have to go to another conference then yes u proved ur point. Pathetic joey

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It still proves my point regardless of what conference it is. How can Illinois do it but we can’t?

Which week was it. Did they play Nebraska. They were the only big ten teams playing that week.

Is Nebraska better than Missouri State, Tulsa, and Boise?


So Nebraska wouldn’t beat Missouri State or Tulsa?

It would be questionable, ohio state only beat tu by 20 at the horse shoe

You got admit he got ya there :rofl:


Dnt ag him on. Everybody knows that’s not a big event get awards when u beat a bad team and nobody else is playing.

What I dnt understand if our offense is so bad why r we getting any awards.

Because of Jaylen Warren. Because as I’ve stated in the past he’s the only player I trust on offense to do anything.

U can’t trust someone and call them bad. If u call the offense bad that includes Warren. Simple logic set theory. Oh yea sorry simple and logic is ur down fall

I didn’t call Warren bad. I called the offense as a whole bad. You can still be a good player and be stuck on a chitty offense. It’s not unheard of Roberto.

Yea like I said simple logic is out of ur graps