Was Iowa State's win over OSU an upset win?

The reason why I’m asking is because I was looking around You Tube and came across a highlight reel of the game. The title of the video labeled Iowa State’s win as an upset win.
Iowa State was favored to win that game.
When I asked why was it an upset when Iowa State’s was considered an upset when the they were favored, an OU fan remarked that is was an upset because we were ranked in the top 10.
My reply was that the definition of an upset is when the underdog beats a favorite. Since Iowa State was favored and won it wasn’t an upset. His retort was to lecture me as why the Vegas odds are very skewed :roll_eyes:
Just interested in seeing everyone’s opinion on the subject. Thanks.

It’s a push. If u believe in Vegas we won.
If u believe in polls isu got an upset.
I think we were very close teams going in and the home team won.