Watch: OSU Releases Football Hype Video, Together in Orange

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We’re 21 days away from the 2021 football season.

Enough with the hype videos already. A team with 3 losses every year should not do hype videos

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Ur really going to hurt ku’s feelings

I agree. We already know 4th place is inevitable. Let’s start making hype videos when we start actually competing for something meaningful once again.

The hype video doesn’t bother me as much as the phrase “catch lightning in a bottle.” It shouldn’t take catching lightning in a bottle for us to win the conference one out of every 3 to 4 years. That term is more akin to Kansas winning the Orange Bowl in 2007.

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Yea rite. It’s only because of gundy we r the second best free agent out there.

The 3 conference aren’t talking any expansion. When they do we will be top of the list. Unless nd decides to go.

Who’s the top free agent? Notre Dame, I guess?

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When is pee wee football starting?

The only thing Gundy did wrong was apologize.


August 28 is my son’s first game. He’s in 5th grade here in Stilly. Hope that helps.

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So that means your probably at least around 30 and still butt hurt about Gundy , hell of a man you are

Butt-hurt? No.

Also, what does Gundy have to do with me answering when pee wee football starts?

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Good I was making conversation u told us he played

Right. I knew you were. I was replying to Yo1.

Gundy Haters need to move on or shut up. Be thankful we don’t have a Bob Simmons, Art Briles or Hugh Freeze!

Bob Simmons and Art Briles had better winning percentage against OU than Gundy.

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Since we’re not going to play ou we dnt need them.