Weiberg Says Facility Upgrades for Wrestling, Softball, Track

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/weiberg-says-facility-upgrades-for-wrestling-softball-track/

Weiberg is to continue Holder’s facility overhaul.

This is the last 3 to get fixed. When they get that done it’ll be time to restart all over again.
Ar0 there is going to be new toilet seat all over campus.

Does anyone else think it is absurd that softball could get a new facility before wrestling? What a total joke. The amount of fan/alumni interest in softball, soccer, and equestrian is more commensurate with club sports, not something we should be spending big money on.

I cheer for all OSU sports and hope they all succeed but we need to take care of the high-interest sports first, especially when wrestling has been so neglected for so long.

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