We're Hiring a Photographer for the 2021-22 School Year

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How u getting pass press. Aren’t we still banned from football. Telephoto lens ?

One more valid reason to dislike Gundy and his ego.

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I’ll do it.

Need more then a Polaroid. And can’t us ur neighbor ur stocking as reference.

Robert I doubt you know how to use the camera option on you’re phone. Oh, wait!!! You probably have a flip phone. You’re probably too demented to remember how to use a Polaroid as well.

I know with ur attitude towards the team, it’s wasting their time. U will take pics of the ground saying that was the best thing happening at the game was the ants making a hill. They will want photos of the game not u going over to riley asking for a kiss.

U really are something. They want someone who can be not bias adult. By ur own words I wouldn’t want u any where near bps.

If Gundy keeps running the offense the same way it probably would me more entertaining.

See I dnt think that’s an answer u should use. They will read this. Ur just waste their time.

Your wasting their time by being on this board and spitting out rubbish to others who comment on here looking for truth.

Ur crying is not truth its sad to watch a ole pathetic man cry like u do.

You cry the most of anyone here. Every time someone calls you’re bluff you reply with two or three grammatical mind boggling responses.

Anyway!! I’m really interested. Comment back to me if you want some sharp edged photos and motivational pics of the team during game time.

Sharp and motivational should never come out of ur mouth.

The word education should never come out of your mouth.

I know u never listen. Why do I try to help.