What 2020 Looks Like if Chuba Hubbard and Tylan Wallace Depart for the NFL

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OSU would have a lot to replace.

Umm why does this website say this every year. No we do NOT have alot to replace. I mean yes in terms of Chuba and Tylan being bigtime, sure. However we only lose 4 starters on offense and 1 on defense. I mean doesn’t get any better than that. Yes we want chuba and Tylan back but I completely disagree with the way the article is worded in the very least. I don’t count Mccray cuz he never made alot of plays at WR. He made a few, that was it. McCray was solid but he’s just a guy.

So worst case we have 16 returning starters. I’d say that is great.

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No reason for either guy to come back and ri$k injury. I’m sure we would all love to have them both back, they’re not only very good players but strong character young men!

I think we’ll be fine at WR, CJ Moore is destined to be a stud IMO. We’ll miss Chuba a lot but that’ll likely mean, unless Gumby’s brain is a bit cloudy due to toxic Ambien trash pharmaceutical, we throw the rock a lot more next season than this one.


Glass was ranked higher than chuba and, therefore, must be better. What’s the big deal?

Glass is a star in waiting

Good thing it always works out like that. Ask UT, whose roster is dotted with plenty of 4- and 5-star recruits. Plus how many recruiting services follow Canadian players? :joy:

I think the article has failed to consider the RB wearing number 3 who should return from thumb surgery next season. I think the law firm of Brown, Jackson, and Glass could easily combine for 150 ypg assuming Dunn does Dunn things with the receivers and the defense has to spy #3.