What Bryce Williams' Return Means for OSU Hoops

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Big news for OSU hoops in 2021-22.

With this much depth at the 1-3 positions, I hope we are extremely aggressive (Eddie era) defensively: fighting through screens, nose in the players chest, and crashing the boards.

I have a hunch that Bryce Williams takes on a bigger scoring role than last year. He has it in him. And glad to see some new asst. coaches. New guys = new ways of playing. Impressive finishing ranked 11 in the AP final poll. We need a good early season tournament for a tune up and to see how we do against strong competition. I continue to once in awhile reflect upon Yor Anei’s decision to look for greener pastures. He could have been a real star had he remained. Instead, he has just been bouncing around now looking for more playing time.

I’m interested to see the starting 5 now. A rotation or a depth chart would be very difficult to put together I would think. I “was” thinking ICE, Anderson, Thompson, Moncrieffe, Boone. Now that Williams is back, I’m not sure what that looks like. Maybe the same so that Willaims and Walker can tandem again? They are an amazing defensive duo.

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