What Could an Amended Oklahoma State 2020 Football Schedule Look Like?

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Baylor the day after Christmas? Texas in January?

The Stadium article says some lower level bowls will probably be cancelled. Money for those will definitely be down since they won’t be over Christmas break. What will the schedule for those look like. Just one a night until they’re all played?

Everyone acting like there isn’t a high probability that there is a second or third wave of the virus in Fall/Winter?

I think the hope is that we’re fully prepared for that with sufficient medical supplies and more knowledge about successful treatment options. Additionally that people will comply with social distancing guidelines to limit the spread.

I think that’s true, but there is zero chance this stuff will be canceled on a “maybe.” If/when it happens, sure, it will be postponed or canceled again, but not preemptively.

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Listening to Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody and they talked about how late the season could go, and basically the October start is about it right?

There just isn’t enough staff to go around for football and winter and spring sports to be going full bore in February.

I like the concept of an October start. I would like it 2 weeks earlier than KP. An October 8 start is preferable. 2 weeks earlier mean improved chances of better weather. Eliminate the ‘bye’ week ?


Man, the bye week is partially built in for player safety. I know the bye week is early this year, but I can’t see anyone agreeing to eliminate it and have 12 straight weeks of physical football games.

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If it starts first week of October then (my weeks are right) championship week would be right around Christmas. Would be interesting to have each of the power 5 championships games prime time 1 per night between Christmas and New year’s. Kinda like a pseudo bowl game situation. Then the bowls (not all of them most likely) unfortunately competing with the NFL playoffs

Can everyone just admit the obvious here. This virus, while serious, is not nearly as deadly as first thought. Its probably 3 times deadlier than the flu. That’s it.