What Do Big 12 Polls Tell Us About the Upcoming Season

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How does OSU stack up to the league?

If Boone can get Gundy fired before the season starts does that move OSU ranking down by Kansas? Do you think Cale Gundy will be fired too?

Go Boone

Picture this…its the early 2000’s. Mike Gundy’s hair is spiked out hard. M frame Oakley’s. He is wearing a t-shirt (not oan) tucked into some Russell Athletics shorts. He is fired up during practice, gets caught in the moment and call All American Sam “Black A##”. Practice stops, MG gets pulled aside by the Mad Hatter and later apologized to Big Sam…

Some years later he threatens to send black players back to Dallas and H Town per and then some years later he is wearing a t-shirt of a network that knowingly disenfranchises blacks. Some years before that he supposedly calls an opposing player the N word.

And some how, some way he is still the face of the university…incredible times we are living in.

Picture this… you make up a story to fit your narrative that Gundy is racist because you want him fired for being racist. Well I want him fired but because I want to football program to start winning conference titles.
So, you piss off with your racist crap because that just hurts the University.

Boone’s only reason for firing off the tweet to begin with was to hurt Gundy. Get him fired, recruits and players leave, Langston players transfer in. 0-12 Kyle wins Boomer Sooner.

Sam Mayes Life Matters!

You’re a real one trick pony aren’t ya?

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It’s going to be biblical

In all seriousness, What has this place turned into? It used to be the best oSu news site. Past tense is correct.

If you haven’t noticed… there’s no sports…

The reason is that people are still mad at KB totally rear ending HCMG and then other PFB writers piling on with article after article implying that HCMG is racist, is a evil coach, should be fired, etc. It seems that the bad blood is going to be around awhile so I guess get used to it, ignore it, whatever

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It’s been well proven that if you have a speck of conservative values in you that you’re automatically a racist. The evidence is in the people that say so even if they don’t truly know you.


Alright guys I’m going to go riot, tear down statues, loot, and burn books! Fahrenheit 451 baby!


You know all of that is true. In the 2000’s he definitely wore his hair spiked out, m frame Oakley’s and has always tucked in things that one shouldn’t.

You also know that Mike Gundy allegedly called a CO player the N word.

You also know that Mike Gundy called an All American black player a “Black A##”.

You also know that Mike Gundy allegedly threatens to send black players back to the hood.

You also know that Mike Gundy enjoyed watching a network that disenfranchises black social movements. He self admitted it on a presser, an email. Then expects you and I to believe him when he says…I didnt know.

Come on man. The guy is wrong for the program today and we all know it. Let’s accept change and move on from a coach who has been destructive at best in recent history.

I don’t know any of that. I do know Gundy has always dressed like a goober but 90 % of coaches do. Heck most of them don’t own a pair of long pants. Also did you notice how many times you wrote allegedly? With that many “allegedly’s” you couldn’t get on that news network you talked about, you would have to take that crap to CNN or MSNBC.
If you want to push the racist narrative, take that crap somewhere else and take Hubbard with you.

Brother… I say allegedly in regards to the incident in Boulder because Gundy denied it so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt but… come on ar1.

I say allegedly regarding his comments about sending kids back to the hood because at this moment in time he hasn’t said he said it or didnt. But come on ar1…its very likely he did because he had no problem making disparaging comment towards an All American o lineman. Which he has not denied and we know Big Sam Man is not lying.

Ar1… at this moment in time Mike Gundy is hurting the institution and you know it.

Chuba doesn’t have to go anywhere, this is his school as much as it is Gundys or mine. He will and has already gone up into the history books of OSU. You and I may make the history books of thin air hahahaha. Funny thin air. Hahahaha

Anyway I’ll take Chuba over Gundy any day.

I love this site. I’m not going anywhere and we’ll talk about actual football when there is football played.

Until then we need to continue to discus Gundy.

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You say,… at this moment in time Mike Gundy is hurting the institution. Well I believe at this moment you Chuba and Boone insinuating there is racism in the football program is most definitely hurting the institution. Sure everyone has the right to say what ever they want but no one has to right to be heard.

So what’s the issue again?

I may have figured out why we haven’t been able to win conference titles. Our big tough football players seem to be very sensitive.
When I was in school there, J.J. Guenther loved to explain everyone’s heritage to them. He’s still one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.