What Do Big 12 Polls Tell Us About the Upcoming Season


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So because they don’t agree with every concept of such a movement then it’s considered disenfranchised? Most people just want to know why they use their donations for Democratic super PACs instead of investing it back into their own communities for the social good.

Just one question, how does Marxism vandalism and rioting uphold black people?

He also shouldn’t promote anything with a hidden agenda (even thought they don’t hide it) and narrative that isn’t equal to everyone. He should promote things for all young men not based on their racial ethnicity. Why does he need to separate expectations and values of his young men based on racial ethnicity?

I believe as long as he’s treating them all equally then we don’t have a problem here. People seem to forget how often he positively spoke of Chuba these past two years. Only to be thrown under the bus because one person overreacted on social media because of him wearing a shirt.

The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what Gundy watches or what presidential candidate he supports. That’s his right as a citizen. Everyone wants to express that Chuba has a right to support whatever he wants. Why is that different for Gundy? I would say as long as he is treating them all equally among each other all of it really doesn’t matter.

You said “it’s about humans acting like humans”. Gundy is not human? You all act like he should be a robot or something. He’s not perfect. Well I have some news for you. I doubt Chuba has been perfect his entire life. You say it’s not about politics, but you’ve clearly made it about politics when you get upset about an OAN shirt. Even Chuba admitted he should’ve went to Gundy first.

This has nothing to do with anything.

Can you explain please?

Nothing to explain. Literally read what I said.

Patrisse Cullors Co-Founder of BLM claims to be a "trained Marxists " and that BLM is a Marxists movement.
Now why should I listen to you and not believe the Co-Founder?
As far as vandalism, I’ve seen BLM painted on churches the Lincoln Memorial and federal court houses.
The riots in Portland have been going on for 60 days.
But we need Gundy to apologize for watching conservative news and embrace BLM.
And yet you’re too dumb to see any connection.

Yeah bud, that’s it.

Yea well with all the nonsense that people on the left have been spewing out there is no way to be perfect in their (yours I assume as well) eyes, and since the left isn’t interested in free speech and respecting other peoples dissenting opinions the only thing left to do is to give the left (and you I assume) the middle finger and just walk away until such a time that you all find your humanity if you ever do.

I agree. I would say it’s too bad that not everyone does it.