What do people outside think of gundy

I know there are a few advid fans on here that want a new coach. Does people outside osu feel the same way.
I think the “I’m a man” speech hurt alot of journalists feels. They will never like gundy.
Espn is a mix of journalists and non journalists. So u get a mix of feelings.
The people who do sports center are more journalists, so they make funny of it.
Espn must think something of Mike. He and osu have had alot of dealings.
Some of u think the mullet and the tee-shirt deals were jokes. He has come thur the different hair styles, I’m a man, si report and the tee-shirt issues. What’s the rule, no one talks about fight club. No the other rule, there is no bad publicity. He gets osu name out. Just like the virus talk, everybody was on him. How did it turn out.
On his coaching. He wins he is on alot of list. One of only 3 schools with 15 straight bowls. Active coach wins.
So what do people think.
Most football fans are impressed.
Espn wouldn’t waste their time.
Usc wouldn’t be scared to have us in if they thought gundy was a joke.
Since the outexit deal I’ve watched 365 sickem. They never bring up osu. Why? They know we are better then Baylor and won’t admit it. All 3 of their host went for ksu.

Since 2012 we’re 3-6 against Baylor. Better? Where I come from, 6 is greater than 3. Everything you say just proves your stupidity.

Yea jug. Keep that though Saturday.

Over the last 7 years, the only times Gundy has been able to win is when Baylor has had a losing season. They look better than that this year so I am going with Baylor for the win regardless of what the points do.

Ok ( as I giggle to myself)
I went and watched the first half of their game. Not overwhelming. Isu definitely lost that game.

I will be curious what ur excuse next will be when we when

If we WHEN. I’ll be wrong but history is on my side.

Like u that was stupid commit. If we go by history know one would play the games.

The offense we saw Saturday was 10 better than at Boise. If you saw something else than you are just seeing things that aren’t there.

I like how you cherry pick your timeframe so you can crop out things that are inconvenient to your narrative like beating RG3 three times.

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What u talking about we talked about howard and Baylor. Neither were at boise

Sure, or let’s only talk about 2011 so you guys can feel better about it. You’ve got to compare back to 2008 before Gundy has a winning record against Baylor.

I think jug u got alot of emotion going on.
Gundy four and 0
Baylor coming in for a lose
Riley showing with out stoops players he mite not be a good coach.
Try and keep on task

When you’re ready to wager on Bedlam, let me know.

I sorry I hurt ur feelings. Talking about ur riley.
I know this is a difficult time with them dropping so much in the ap poll. Jug just shovel more chit to keep ur mind off of it.
Personal if I was u I wouldn’t want riley to face the georgia defense.

I’ve learned that no matter how bad OU is in football they will still kick the crap out of Gundy.

R u sure. If this was all true, u should be satisfied just knowing it. Wouldn’t need to prove it to me. Maybe u do think ou will, or its just u know ur a small pathetic jug.

It’s that history thing again. Gundy has lost more football Bedlam’s than any coach in history. :grinning::grin::smiley::smile::smile::laughing::grinning::grin::grin::smile::laughing::grinning::grin::smiley::smile::laughing::grinning::grin::smiley::smiley::smile::laughing::grinning::grin::smiley::smile::laughing::grinning::grin::smiley::smile::smile::laughing::laughing::grinning::grin::smiley::smiley:

It’s a new year. I mean riley has already lost the fans. Next he will lose the players. When ou players start opting out u will cry for days.

It’s weird Jake made a comment to u but didn’t feel the need to defend urself to him.
I guess ur still trying to prove urself to me.
Jug it will take alot for u to prove.