What do we know about OSU's Running Backs behind Chuba?

I’m curious if anyone has any insider info on the RB’s behind Chuba? We’ve seen LD and he has not done much, but I don’t know anything about Jeter, Micah Cooper, Dezmon Jackson, Snoddy.


This is my biggest concern

The most disappointing part about Glass showing up out of shape is that if he had been game-ready, he would likely be #2. I know that Jackson has a wrist injury, but he’s about healed, I believe. I don’t know where Jeter is, especially given that he’s a more ground-and-pound back that could counter Chuba’s lightning.

It’s easy to focus on Chuba’s lightning, but he hit that Texas CB so hard he was injured…
he is Thunder and Lightning.

Also true. We just need that secondary option to shake out. Last year, we had ‘Well, if Justice goes down, we have King and Chuba’. This year…it’s not nearly as comforting.

This issue is one that for me personally isn’t as big of a concern with a mobile QB like Sanders. He is able to burn you with his legs on any play and that takes some pressure off needing more than one RB. A QB like Rudolph or Corn could move a little when needed, but let’s be honest they weren’t a true threat every time they had the ball. It also sucks that Glass was so unprepared, more fuel to the fire on recruiting four stars and above for Gundy.

Less of a concern with mobile QB, but if Chuba gets dinged up and the #2 RB isn’t a big threat, D can focus on shutting down the QB

Chuba is special and oSu needs him to be special. If either Sanders or Chuba gets hurt it will be a scramble to get 8 wins IMO.

LD is a nice back, but he needs more push to be effective. Both Chuba and Sanders’ agility are needed to make this offense work. The play of the offensive line as gotten better but still 1-2 years away from being a strength in conference play. Excited to see how Jeter performs when he gets healthy and Glass if/when he gets in shape. Next year could be the last for Chuba, Jackson, and Brown so it is time to see what depth is on the roster.

You don’t think Chuba is gone this year? I think if he continues to have a good season there is a good chance he leaves for the NFL.

IMO, the better Chuba does, the more likely he is to move on and the more likely Tylan is to stay. I don’t understand people deciding Tylan is gone already. Wide receivers can afford to spend another year in college far more than RBs.

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Here’s the thing that gives me hope about maybe BOTH staying - this year is LOADED in terms of skill players. Wideouts and running backs are going to be flooding the draft. While either could go this year, they would likely be second or third round picks. Alternatively, next year will be weaker, where they could go high-second or even first-round with another baller year.


Imagine how much fun they could have doing a reprise of the Weeden/Blackmon “we’re coming back for another year” press conference. <Insert Jim Carrey “so you’re telling me there’s a chance” gif here>