What Gus Malzahn's Ouster at Auburn Could Mean for OSU Recruiting

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OSU could benefit from Malzahn’s ouster.

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How low do they want to go.

Well if those wait till Feb u know there not 100%.

I would like to go after these guys, but I’m afraid that once they commit they’ll realize that only walk-ons get playing time at OSU, and high-caliber recruits are destined for the transfer portal once they step foot on campus. Because cowboy culture is more important than winning actual football games.

The football program will create a tradition of favoring walk-ons over high caliber recruits, and eventually that will spread to future football recruits leading OSU to mediocrity for the next 30 years. Brought to you by the greatest coach in school history.

I’m really glad I don’t have a dismal view of the world and all things oSu like ar1 and joe15.

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It’s a dismal view to expect the 13th highest paid coach in the country to aspire to greater heights than the Houston bowl?

The dismal view is looking at the facts around Gundy.

Lie Gundy not the 13th why do u say it every time.i think there funny or sad. Their like an animal leg stuck in a trap. And we watch them chew off their paw every day.

He was the 13th highest paid college coach last season. Right now he is 26th this season because he took a voluntary pay cut. He didn’t have to, but he did and that’s the only reason why he’s 26th now.

That makes him 26th no matter how u look at it. U really r slow.

What they r forget is were improving 9th 4th now 3rd. 3-6 5-4 now 6-3. 2 yrs will have another championship.

So he spends one year 26th when he’s been in the top 15 I several previous years before and that makes him 26th for eternity?

2013 OSU projected to win the conference and finishes 3rd (Gundy failed)

2017 OSU projected to play in the conference title game (Gundy failed)

2020 OSU projected by some to get 2nd place (Gundy failed)

They aren’t winning a conference title or even playing for one with Gundy still here. Get that through your head.