What Happens w/ The Rest Of Boone’s Money?

Someone with more knowledge and insight than me, please help! Are the folks in charge of his estate planning on any other donations at any time? If so, which programs or departments? Geology, football, athletic department, business school? Any guesses? Also, I’m wondering if he had stipulations written into the potential donations. I would be the first to say that Boone Pickens gave more than enough, but I’m also curious about the subject.

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Hopefully academics.

Along the same lines, anybody know of any other donations coming down the pipe from anybody else?

I just gave my basketball Posse donation

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From what @CarsonCunningham said on the podcast, OSU is still making a MASSIVE amount of money off of Boone’s estate. Carson wouldn’t elaborate on the amount. He just said that “you would be shocked at the amount.”

He doesn’t know the amount.