What History Says About OSU's Preseason Coaches Poll Ranking

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OSU more often finishes the season ranked lower in the Coaches Poll than when it began.

Only 5 times huh. Hell he’s only coached 16 years. I mean that’s just a silly sentence to write.

Only 9 times huh. Hell he’s only coached 16 years. 9 times worse or the same. Falling below expectations ok as long as we still make a bowl. Because at OSU we have no expectations for Gundy.

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Name some teams outside of the blue bloods who have done better over 16 seasons

Wisconsin. Oregon. Clemson.


That’s sure not very many

And also look at the athletic budgets for Oregon and Clemson.

I’m going to assume here that NR means 50th or worse? Total up the numbers where a Mike Gundy coached team has finished and divide it by the seasons he’s coached then the average ranking at the end is 26th.

I just averaged out his NR seasons as 50th. So I guess I’m being a little generous here because it could be worse. Can someone tell me why we pay a coach top 25 pay when he can’t average top 25 results?

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You and Robert must be twins. Blame everyone or everything else except the person who is supposed to be responsible and accountable for the direction of the football program.

No you are ridiculous blaming everything on one person who played one of the biggest roles in making a completely irrelevant program relevant, as usual your hate for Gundy blinds you from reality


So you think an average ranking of 26th is relevant? You think struggling offensive lines since 2011 is okay? You think playing down to the level of the competition is what makes a football team and coach better? You think surrendering is the cool thing to do?

As far as I’m concerned TBP gave plenty of money, and at one point in time OSU had some of the best facilities in the country. It’s not TBP’s fault Gundy decided an average recruiting ranking of 35th is what was best for the football program.

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Lol I really don’t even care anymore if you really wanna try to compare what Boone gave us to what Oregon gets from Phil knight you all are clueless. Money runs this industry. Kansas spends more money on football recruiting than we do . That’s not gundys fault

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Yeah…but for a long time they didn’t spend as much as we did in recruiting. So Gundy gets a pass for all the previous years I presume?

We have always been middle of the pack in the big 12 on recruiting budget which is where we usually finish on rankings so what’s your point? The worst program in division 1 football spends 400k more annually on recruiting than we do

That’s because they want to get better. I’m guessing they don’t view being consistently average as a good thing for the distant future. Also, if Gundy wants more money for recruiting he should probably stop consistently recruiting between 35th and 45th, and make some kind of attempt to the boosters and everyone else that he needs better players.

Lol Gundy could win a national championship and you’d still hate on him , you don’t like him and that’s cool but if you believe half of what you say about him then you don’t know as much about football as you think.

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Your the one that seems to think an average rank of 26th seems to mean we’re relevant. So what do you know again?

The problem is Gundy can’t and won’t win a national championship. You have to be willing to take chances against really good teams and stop punting the ball back to them in front of your entire football roster when your down by 21 with 12 minutes left in the game.

Gundy is the 23rd highest paid coach and you said his average finish has been 26th over 16 seasons, we could be in a lot worse shape

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Boise State University has done better . Let’s look at the athletic budget for Boise.

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Lmao !!