What Jaden Nixon's Commitment Means for Oklahoma State and its 2021 Class

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/what-jaden-nixons-commitment-means-for-oklahoma-state-and-its-2021-class/

A look at the impact of OSU landing a RB on Wednesday.

What Boone and PFB won’t tell you is that his 247 ranking is 88 (borderline 4 star). And while the composite ranking its similar to rennie childs it’s higher than justice hill. Facts are facts and I find PFB to be nothing but factual. I just wonder why they choose to always cast a negative slant on Gundy’s recruiting. I’d love to hear how Gundy could recruit better as opposed to it’s not good enough. You have the time. Plenty of material on the board. Pfb, if you were Gundy, what would you do to get 4 and 5 *s to sign?

Duh…pay them like the SEC! Recruit dirty and disregard secondly violations of course. I mean T boon is gone god bless his sole.

O yea and He needs to get of his tractor and go recruit harder like that other coach with the round ball that gets paid 4 million dollars less than him and has the 9th best recruiting class IN THE CONTRY!!! And cut his stupid hair for crying out loud! Listen guys, no 4 and 5 star kids from Louisiana and Alabama can relate to a white guy with a mullet that rattlesnake hunts from Oklahoma and that’s the cold hard facts. Grungy has made himself relatable to kids that like to hunt or live in Oklahoma.