What Mike Boynton Would Tell Himself on the Day He Was Hired 36 Months Ago

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CBSsports has issued a too early top 25 that includes 5 Big 12 teams. Not us. Baylor, KU, WV, Tech, and Texas all have good reason to expect big things next year. Conceivably, we bring in Cunningham, fight for 6th in the conference, he’s then gone, and that is kind of how it goes going forward. That top 10 freshman class morphs to a good to average class as sophomores. Maybe this has more to do with my overall mood. I’m moving from glass full, to glass half full, to glass half empty.

Can’t trust CBS Sports imo.

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ESPN doesn’t have us in the way too early top 30 (25+ next 5). I will enjoy watching us climb.