What Mike Gundy Said Monday in His First Radio Show of 2021 Season

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Gundy on retirement, longevity, the 2021 team and more.

Said the best thing, people r watching. So watch TV or in the stadium.
Well Joey and ar0 must be happy gundy talked about retirement.
This dual qb will give us a good practice. They may throw a bunch of wild plays. All this good for the d. Get good practice.

"We practiced everybody all the time because I told the coaches that some [backups] might be the starters. When it was over, I started looking at the results that we got out of it, and I thought ‘we should have been doing this the last 15 years.’”

I love me some Gundy. I have a mullet. But you’re just now seeing the value in developing depth?

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“You can’t be someone you’re not. Your fans, players, administration pick up on it.”

Yes we know Mike!! We’ve picked up that mediocrity is fine with you as long as the people okay with it keeping cutting you the checks.

Ur just getting worked up. Can’t wait for a punt?

If we keep deciding to run it on 3rd and long instead of passing it over the middle to the fastest or biggest guy on the field, then yes Roberto I see many punts in the future.

Good thing Hutton has been adding some distance to his kicks.

It doesn’t really matter if the other team is going to easily drive 99 yards down the field for a score anyway.

It’s going to be a long year for u. Since gundy is not retiring u may not have any hair left. Poor joey.

I don’t have to wait for him to retire. Eventually his coaching style will prevent him from retirement.

How many years will that take. Well let me restate. How long have u already been saying that.

Lololol It’s too too easy for you to be straight whack

Reading between the lines it seems obvious that Gundy in many interviews is saying this is a great time for OSU because we have a new athletic director. By saying that he means he is so glad to be rid of Mike Holder. I suspect coach Holder bruised Gundy’s ego a few times or Gundy wanted an even bigger salary and did not get it.


:+1: Yep!!! Because the former AD wanted to hold him to a higher standard. Now Gundy seems to be under the impression the new AD won’t buck up to him. He better hope Weiberg isn’t a huge football guy.

Ur liking all these new sound bites.

I started to look at the results and said we should have been doing this a long time ago??? What a dumb coach this guy is!!! I mean do you guys not care one bit that this guys says stuff like this?? I can’t believe what I hear out of this guys mouth about 50% of the time. It’s really embarrassing.


Osu needs a dang real football coach to coach real dang football and gundy can drive him to and from games and practices since he only knows the ends and outs about the campus!!! What a moron!


Must suck to have to lie to yourself everyday on this form to have to back him up as a football coach and I’m sorry you fell this way but Iv got to go puke aging.

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This is funny chit.

Why do some people on this blog even bother. Go root for a team that has the perfect coach cause your never going to find one here unless you possibly like basketball.