What OSU (Probably) Needs to Do to Get into 2023 NCAA Tournament

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Here’s what OSU needs to hear its name called on Selection Sunday.

So, in other words, we’re not making the tourney.


I post this on the heels of two straight losses by the CowGIRLS basketball team, so it is not just a bandwagon thing for the winning. (Incidentally, both of those losses should not have happened, but lapses in judgment during the course of games can be fatal.)

In just a single year, Coach Hoyt has instilled a ‘cowgirl’ culture that is very evident on the floor in both wins and losses. This Cowgirl team thrown together via the transfer portal (both coming in and going out…) plays with discipline (most of the time… shaking my head about some recent spans… lol), a genuine love of the game and of one another, and with passion. Maybe it is because the women’s game isn’t as athletic, or isn’t as lucrative in NIL or after college opportunities… but just maybe it has a bit to do with coaching as well.

Coach Boynton was not thrust into head coaching in a good situation. I do give him that. However, our men’s team can seem lackadaisical in approach and in body language. When your ‘bigs’ have a better free throw percentage than do your guards, something is missing. (I felt the same way about Gottlieb… lol) This team seems very concerned about the end result (wins), but plays with little concern about the foundation on which to build a win. Limit turnovers, defensive intensity and intelligence (we once had some a couple months ago…), good shot selection… playing aggressive, yet in control basketball.

Consistent effort produces consistent results. Inconsistency = suspect coaching. All sports, all the time. jmho…

GO POKETTES!! GO POKES!! :cowboy_hat_face: :basketball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: (we are a softball school… lol)


Gonna take a miracle to get in at the rate they’re playing.


Our Cowgirl PG is nice during the game (except down the stretch when she tries to take over…too many mental mistakes trying to be the hero).

Our Cowboys lack serious discipline all the way around. Unfortunately, I do out this on Coach. He needs an offensive system that doesn’t rely on jacking up 3s. If he would take the time to set up a system and recruit kids for it, he would be in it for the long haul.

All of these schools recruiting 4-5 stars are getting talented players that aren’t as good or as prepared to truly succeed at the next level. We need the scrappy dawgs if we’re going to compete. Someone please take the time to thoroughly watch Coach (Eddie) Sutton and how his teams did the little things. Sure we had Randy out there, but it was our in your face D and rebounding that had us competing with the blue-bloods. I would guess he never had a top 20 recruiting class.


Absolutely loved when Coach Hoyt sat Alnatas two games ago in the four quarter crunch time. It was strong evidence of both her control of her team and her team’s respect for her. Alnatas is bit Westbrookian… she can shoot you into a win, or out of one. But, kudos for her as well as she was vehemently rooting on her team from the bench when she was cold and taken out. THAT IS A TEAM, with a COACH!

Taylen Collins might be my favorite oSu bb player all time, but I wanted to throw something at Espn3 when she whiffed on a blockout, ball watching a shot. She does it rarely, so I will get over it. lol

Back to Alnatas and her character. Which male player, basketball or football or baseball for that matter, who is a starter and considered a star player, would cheer from the bench when removed from a game because it just wasn’t their night??? I can think of none… since Ivan McFarlin! Ivan probably would, but it is hard to have an off night just doing the all the yeomen’s work!

GO POKE… ETTES!! :cowboy_hat_face: :basketball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face:


@PistolsFiring kyle i have a question. You are said if we don’t win at tech we will have 5 quad one wins. Im not sure if we win at tech that’ll be a quad 1 win.
Now were at the end we can see what we have none. We have one top22 win against a depleted tcu team at home. At the time isu were great wins not so much now.

I only see 1 win max which ever way it plays out. If we beat tech we will be 6th, i dnt see isu winning at baylor. At 6th i dnt see us beating the 3rd, who ever it is. If we lose more then likely were playing tech again could beat them in kc.
Us being 6th is the only why in. I still dnt see it.

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Exactly! I think anyone under coach Sutton would have, because that’s the team he developed (and mandated). Ivan is a perfect example.


Your scenario of what we need to do to get in the tournament is highly unlikely. We’re not going to beat Tech at Tech. We have only beat ISU ( who has also lost at home to WV and OU) and OU away from home. Tech’s not a team you beat at their place. Their defense will give us fits and we will be lucky to score 60 the way we have been shooting lately. We will lose to Tech and then if we play OU or whoever and happen to win that game, one win will not get us in. Boynton needs to turn this program around next year and get us into the tournament or it’s goodbye for him. Some fans think he should be gone after this year, but maybe one more year. With all the new recruits coming in and the leftover players, he’s going to have his work cut out to make the tournament. He better find some offensive players in the portal that can come in and contribute right away.