What OSU RB Dezmon Jackson Has in Common with Brandon Weeden, Barry Sanders

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Deep cuts and GOAT comparisons for a RB that might not even be OSU’s starter.

“Look at me. Now I’m the one spouting hyperbole.”

This entire article is just you spouting hyperbole :roll_eyes:

“(To be fair, Gundy actually said that OSU ran a lot of option stuff with Zac and that Weeden “didn’t look good in practice doing that.” Compared to Zac, I think I’d agree, but this is now folded into OSU lore and cannot be extracted.)”

Kind of weird what happens when you change an offense to fit the strengths and attributes of you’re players (Thanks Holgerson!!!). The QB Gundy originally had as 3rd stringer helped him in a come back win against Colorado.

That same QB that was originally 3rd string is also the only QB under him to have beaten OU and win a Big 12 title in the same season. Just amazing what happens when you decide to change some things up, and not do the EXACT same thing every year!!!

But no!!! Let’s keep paying this dude a ridiculous amount of money so he can keep getting outcoached, limit the talent he has, recruit poorly, and completely miss on the evaluations of his players like he’s done so many times in the previous years.

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Talk is talk let’s see it.