What OSU Wrestling's Recruiting Success Means For Future of the Program

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How OSU’s incoming pieces fit now and in the future.

That’s how you build a program. You did it by recruiting well also. Someone make sure MG takes note of this.

Good write up. Thanks, Seth.

This is what the rosters looked like in the 1960s and early 1970’s when there were more scholarships for wrestling and most of the recruits wanted the prestige of being part of the program because of the winning tradition. There was no mediocre talent in the starting lineups.
John Smith now has the kind of problem a wrestling coach wants. The cupboard is full. There will be transfers and backing out of commitments because the program is now overcrowded with talent and that will even things out. I wonder how much of recent improved success in recruiting can be attributed to hiring Caldwell for that purpose? Because it’s not like the Cowboys recently won back to back NCAA championships and now everyone wants to be a Cowboy again. It’s been just the opposite. Approaching Tom Chesbro’s record for the longest number of seasons without a NCAA championship which we will probably at least tie and maybe surpass, depending on how PSU recruits. Iowa doesn’t worry me because Tom and Terry are nut jobs. But I still say that the Cowboy programs needs a super star assistant coach who did not wrestle at OK State. That would create some different techniques that the teams could learn. Sort of like if Gundy hires an offensive coordinator who was not promoted from within we might have a chance for a revived edition of the standard OSU playbook.

where’s Blake Skidgel?

I see joe is at it again. thats my question how do u keep the best before they bolt

Joe they haven’t won for almost 20 yrs why r u here