What was the craziest night you ever had in Stillwater?

This thread brought to you by the neon palms and entertaining me the remainder of my flight.

Any one of a number of nights ending at Stonewall.

There was the night we went there and the drag show had gotten out and I left around 11:30 when all five people I had come with had broken off to do their own thing.

There was the night I ended up at a table of six people I had never met, flirting with a girl with a boyfriend in California and no Facebook (in retrospect, both were likely lies).

There was the night where a huge group of us got hammered, went back to a friend’s place nearby, got more drunk, got into a super-weirdly-intense conversation where people divulged really personal things. That one resolved the next morning with a friend passed out underneath a pile of cardboard boxes and one person snoring while propped up against the piano.

There was the night where I ended up staying at a DIFFERENT friend’s place nearby and was probably just another drink away from the night ending in a devil’s threesome.

Oh yeah. Last one: drunken Fiasco night at my place where I apparently got really into character and scared one of the guys I was playing with.


In your head, they were lies, yes. :smiling_imp:

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Believe me, I’d rather they both be true. At least that way, my ego is slightly salvaged.

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I’m honestly kidding. I’ve been told many things like that before, trust me. The whole “long-distance” boyfriend thing was irksome.

Only once was I completely ok with being told that, because it was true and the woman ended up marrying the guy, and we stayed friends (a soccer player). That one stung only because we got along really well, but I wasn’t too down about it.


There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to contribute all of my dumbasserry to this… That and the keys might fall off of my keyboard after all the typing…


oh boy picking just one is tough…

The night I passed out in a friends pickup truck bed at a party outside of town (this was after homecoming and I had not slept in days and then drank to much to add to it). He then decided to take some girls back to their dorm and sort of forgot I was back there. Apparently once he remembered I was in the bed of the truck he also decided to see how high he could get me to bounce up while going over the speed bumps really fast. I was told I got above the top of the bed and the way I felt the next day I can believe it.

There was the night that I was actually trying to be a good guy and return the stone marker of a rival fraternity back to its spot on campus walk, because we knew our house would be blamed after some drunk idiots in our house pried it up. Unfortunately we dropped it at some point and just put back the pieces. I just knew I was going to get caught by campus police and kicked out of school (even though I was just trying to fix the real crime).

There was also the night we went driving around drinking and ended up on a dirt road that ran along the turnpike. Someone stupidly challenged the driver to beat a car on the turnpike and he stupidly tried. We should have crashed and died and probably would have except the guy next to the driver threw the truck into neutral after we hit over 80 mph. We had bounced so much that beer was dripping off of the ceiling of the truck from all of our beers spewing up.

Then there was the time that some fraternity brothers all went in and bought an old beater car. Was riding with one of them in the country around Stillwater and he decided it was time to take out mailboxes. All of a sudden he slams on the brakes and creeps up to the next mailbox. We all wondered what the heck was going on till we realized that some farmer had put his mailbox on top of a corner post buried deep. We would have wrapped that car around the thing if he did not see it in time.

Those are just a few that come to mind and frankly none of them compare to some what my younger brother got up to in his time at OSU…


This one’s going to sound totally weird…and really dumb.

The Friday night before fall semester 2004, when people are moving in, my two friends and I decided to simply walk around campus. No drinking (I’m not sure why we didn’t) (maybe we did and I forgot). It was actually one of the most fun nights I had. We basically toured the entire campus, something I’d never done before, and actually saw some stuff I didn’t know existed, just random buildings and such. While walking down Monroe through the middle of campus, we saw a rabbit and decided to chase it (on foot). Some people started cheering me on, but I gave up really quick. That rabbit was not going to be caught.


Sorry officer, not falling for this.


Um, I was once dating two young men. I was not going steady with either. Had just gotten out of a relationship and told them both I wasn’t ready to be tied down. They both knew I was casually dating both.

Was with boy A and several friends. They were driving to a party. Ended up at the home of boy B. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. But I had no idea whose house we were going to when I got in the car.

Drama ensues.

Lesson learned: even if they say it’s okay…it’s not okay! :joy::rofl: I threw away the dating book “The Rules” after that. Worst advice ever! :laughing:

And I told this story because I have lots of “drank too much” and stupid thing happens…someone got sick, we walked home, felt awful…but this was memorable because I was both completely unaware it would happen and super embarrassed! And it’s hilarious to think about now.


I witnessed my buddy projectile vomit on the wall behind the toilet in Shortcakes one night.


Long story short, I beer bonged Everclear from someone holding the beer bong in the next room over through a hole that my friend had punched in the wall in anger, all while I was in the middle of playing Edward Forty-Hands. Definitely not my finest hour.


Any night that began and ended at Stonewall was good night. They ran the gamut from playing shuffleboard with a Ukrainian that had a lot of stories of the local cocaine business, to riding bikes back to the house and unsuccessfully dodging some campus signage.

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One of my favorite pasttimes


My junior year I had a cousin who came to OSU as a freshman. During welcome week my roommates and I threw a party (this was nothing new we had at least 1 per week) in the barn. I told my cousin to bring all the freshman he could find and we were going to properly break them in. I mixed up some “punch”… 2 gallons of everclear, a gallon of vodka, 4 2-liters of sprite and cherry and lime juice. Could not taste the alcohol it was magical. We smoke some meat and have the close pals over for supper. Of the 12, 4 were passed out by the time the party started, including all of my roommates. Party kicks off… grows rapidly. There are a couple hundred (primarily freshman) people in our barn. I am hammered, have eyes for one of the freshman girls, and before long go inside and leave the party to handle itself. I woke up the next morning and walked out the back door to pee, naked as usual… There were 13 people passed out in the backyard and crap EVERYWHERE. For months, freshman approached us telling us how awesome our party was. As the legend grew, we would sometimes be at the bar and get told of parties at a house south of town (our house) that we didn’t plan. We would just say hell yeah and head home for the festivities. Those days were wild. Brought to you courtesy of everclear, black velvet whisky and keystone light.

Edit- I woke all of the snoozers up and cooked them food, but they were required to have a beer with breakfast :sunglasses:


I’ll just share the beginning of the night.

Ingredients :

  • A night where nothing is going on so a small group of you decide to stay in and party
  • “Let’s make a drinking game out of some board game.”
  • You have no beer, too lazy to get out, all you have is an unopened bottle of Vodka (of COURSE it’s plastic jug $10 per gallon. This aint’ SMU)
  • “All we have here is Trivial Pursuit. Like my Dad’s from 1970 or something…”
  • “Miss a question, take a shot?”

Narrator : These kids on this night were not very intelligent, in a few different ways.


Ah yes reminds me of when my younger brother (who was in high school at the time) came up to party with me and some of the guys. He thought he knew how to drink and could handle himself. We decided to show him he was very wrong. Introduced him to speed quarters and we were masters at it. We could pick our target (usually a girl but that night my brother) and they would be wasted very quickly. We were so good at this that at times we would have to lose on purpose just so we could drink some ourselves.

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One night freshman year, we randomly walked around to different houses, and if we saw a bunch of people, we’d just walk in. Went into one, looked in the cabinets in the kitchen and found Everclear, and they gave me a shot of it.

That stuff gets to you really quick.


We’re limiting this just to Stillwater, so I’ve contributed. If it was college in general…there are Stories.

Agreed, I have a few not in Stillwater during college that involved a “bar” (I think it may have just been a guy who ran it out of his barn) near Coyle called Bugger Reds…

Oh and then there was that college float trip on the Illinois…

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