What Would a College Football Super League Look Like?

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Texas’ shot at relevancy.

When they start paying players this is away it could be

@marshall was consistent in his analysis and did a good job here, not great.

Truth in the sentiment that this is a short term money grab. Soccer fans don’t want this. CFB fans wouldn’t either if this was considered the top tier and the other leagues (90% of CFB) never made it on TV.

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Nebraska never has had 5 consecutive seasons without a loss. They have had 5 consecutive conference season records without a loss but not overall. Osborne ended his coaching career 60-3 in his last five seasons.

I realize that the premise of the article was a “what if” scenario, but there would be big losers in this alignment. How do you think Texas would fare in this league with 8-9 conference games? 2-6 or 3-6.

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That’s the point. If you let teams do this, you’re ruining competition. Maybe it’s fun to watch, but it leaves all the other school’s and fans out in the cold.

Also, it’s yet to be seen, but the other leagues are trying to tell those wanting to go to the super league that they won’t be allowed to play in their current leagues. Pretty much if Texas and ou did this, they’d likely not play anyone else again*.

*if things shake out the way they’re currently trending

It’s never gonna happen because no way half those schools “agree” to losing records each year.

Money talks. A&M left. Nebraska left. Both of those conferences were pretty lucrative and both teams have been par and subpar, respectively. So it’s happened before and I think ego and greed gets in the way of reality.

Actually, I’m not so sure about that. For whatever reason, Texas struggles way more against B12 bottom feeder schools than they do against OOC powerhouses. Since ‘05, Texas Bowl opponents have been- #13 Michigan, #1 USC (arguably the greatest team of all time leading up to the game), #20 Iowa, #12 Arizona State, #10 Ohio state, #1 Alabama, Cal, Oregon state, #22 Oregon, #25 Arkansas, Missouri, #5 Georgia, #10 Utah.

They lost 3 of those games. Even though they’ve been pretty subpar in the big 12 since 2010. They’ve almost lost more times to Kansas since ‘05 than they did this entire lineup.:joy: Pretty crazy.

I’ve counted and re-counted and only come up with 13 teams in first two categories.

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Did you account for egos?