When It Comes to College Football and COVID-19, Few Opinions Matter

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Will there be a college football season?

It looks like indoor close contact for long periods are the highest risk activities. Bars and house parties are going to spread it like wildfire. College towns are going to hit herd immunity within 6 weeks of school starting.

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Or they are going to become deathly sick and possibly die while spreading it around to everyone else.

Almost guaranteed that some will. I’m just doubtful that students don’t have parties if they’re on campus.

It’s interesting that what everyone wants - games on Saturday doesn’t appear to be the real risk. It’s everything else.

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I think the best thing with all the issues going on (coronavirus and systemic racism / oppression) would be just to cancel the entire football season. That would be a win win situation for everyone.

There will not be fall sports in college sports. This I am sure of.