When they say Chuba can't win the Heisman because it's "Big 12 Defense"

Pretty soon the Illuminati are going to realize that Chuba should be the Heisman front-runner, and their minions (Joel Klatt and the like) are going to come up with every argument against this starting with…

“But it’s Big 12 defense”

To which I’d like to respond with…

"I’m sorry, but not everyone has the luxury of…

  • Playing against defenses like Alabama, which are liable to give up 46 points at home (looking at you, Joe Burrow).
  • Playing against defenses like Michigan, which get utterly blown out by Wisconsin, the team that loses to Illinois (looking at you, Johnathan Taylor)
  • Playing on the best team in the conference with an elite offensive line (looking at you, Jalen Hurts)
  • Playing against defenses like TCU, which give up 200+ yards to a running back once every 100 years… Wait… Is this a luxury?

The fact that Chuba is doing what he’s doing on a team that is not elite is even more impressive. Think about what he could do with a top notch offensive line!


Agree with your post, although I generally view Joel Klatt as one of the most fair/balanced/objective college football commentators out there.


Yeah, Joel Klatt isn’t all bad. There are others that are probably worse. But he is one of those most critical of Big 12 defenses, erroneously in my opinion (obviously).


Chuba will be in NYC. I’m confident in it.


We keep saying if he gets to 2000+ he will be there but his stats remind me so much of Kevin Smith’s junior or senior season when he almost eclipsed Barry’s record and dude not only didn’t make it to New York, but places like 7th in voting. I know he was on UCF back before UCF was even remotely respected but a 2,500 yard season (when RBs were actually still winning this thing) didn’t get you to the dance floor hard for me to envision Chuba getting there on this team when you have 3 to 4 QBs in the mix. Just my sad take on the matter of our fair pokes

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Chuba is #4 on the ESPN weekly recap.


If he finishes strong then he’ll be in NYC to see Burrow win.


His best shot is to have a monster game in Bedlam that leads us to victory.


Last two Heisman winners have done so playing against Big 12 defenses. Just more empty headed talking heads talking.


Joel Klatt has been the only national voice being honest about OSU being the second best program in the Big 12.

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I agree that Joe Burrow will get it, especially if they continue undefeated and win it all. Chuba is having a great season no doubt but that’s the way it is right now.

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Hmm. Have the greatest season for any running back ever and not win the Heisman. It could happen.

The season only gets better when you consider oSu had an NFL player at RB last year and often that still wasn’t enough.

Yeah all I’m saying is if those three teams win out, it’s very possible their 3 QBs are the only ones invited. Based on tallied votes he might not be statistically close enough for a NYC trip.

2k yards and beating OU is 100% an invite to NYC. 2k yards and losing to OU will make it 50/50.


I don’t think Chuba is going to have the greatest season by a running back ever. Do you really think he’s going to beat Barry’s numbers?
If he did eclipse that, he is definitely in the discussion but Burrow is completing almost 80% of his passes with 33 tds to 4 ints. If he continues undefeated and wins the natty, he’ll have well over 4000 yds. I guess you could say he’s having one of the greatest seasons ever for a QB.


I think the appropriate Chuba comp is Melvin Gordon in 2014. He finished a distant second to Marcus Mariota, who was the Joe Burrow of that season. That all seems appropriate to me. I mean, quarterbacks are more valuable than running backs, and it’s not like Burrow is Dilfering his way to a bunch of lucky wins. He’s been legitimately great.

Point is, in my opinion it’s OK to not be outraged when Chuba doesn’t win the Heisman. If he continues on this pace and doesn’t finish in the top four in the voting, well, that might be a bit of an outrage.


On top of your argument, Joe Burrow seems to actually fit the mold of what the Heisman represents unlike other QBs who have won the award in recent past coughmayfieldcough. Chuba does as well, Burrow is just more popular with the masses based on conference and position.

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