Where do you live?

  • Stillwater
  • OKC
  • Tulsa
  • DFW
  • Other TX
  • Other OK
  • Other State
  • Other Country

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Due to references over time of meetups etc. I’m interested in what the makeup of the PFB+ group is.
If you choose other it’d be interesting if you posted where. @Dribble doesn’t need to vote, we already know he lives in OKC.


Now we just need to create a few more threads:

PFB+ Last Four of Your Social
PFB+ Mother’s Maiden Name
PFB+ Name of Street You Grew Up On


Forgot about make and model of your first car, best man/woman in your wedding, last name of your maternal grandmother. I anxiously await everyone’s responses. - Igor from Kiev


hahaha that’s hilarious no but really answer them all now


Our “call sign” on PFB+, or whatever it’s called. How did you come up with it? Mine…I waited tables at Joes.

Talk to me Goose.

I worked in the kitchen at Joes for a summer.

In the words of @PVPoke, :speaking_head: RENT :speaking_head: FREE in someone’s head.


I was there from 96-00.

ah, I was there in 01

I think the biggest surprise to me here is…There actually IS an ‘Other OK?’ And this many people live in it?!


Guessing some of those “Other OK” votes are actually either OKC or Tulsa 'burbs.

That would also be a good place to “hide” your vote if you were to live in say…Norman. :grimacing:


I’ve been using this name online since 1994 when I was playing a Star Wars MUSH and needed a character name… Grabbed the tie in book from the Star Wars: Tie Fighter game and took the name from the main character. I used it for 7 years before reversing the last name for my persona name at a medieval recreation group I was in.

I’ve actually been using this handle 26 years and I find it crazy that it’s over half my life.

I’m shocked no one has asked for Jenks, USA to be an option.

May have my facts wrong, but I believe @TheHeadChimp refereed to me as “Just Gary” one time. I claimed offense and others on the board encouraged me to take ownership of it. That way those hurtful words would no longer have power over me.

Or something like that. :rofl:


My brother worked there during that time

Umm let’s see I have a psychology degree from OSU and I can be a psycho OSU fan at times so mine is easy to understand.

Mine is super original and creative.


Was that before or after you guys de-friended each other on Facebook?

This is the only place I use this name. It is not my first iteration on the site (I was in the comments before the forum started).