Where is the downfield threat?

What has happened to our downfield passing game? It seems we no longer have a deep threat. Wallace is the only receiver that poses much of a threat, but be it coverage or quarterback, we’re not connecting with him on deep routes. Johnson supposedly to has the speed, but he often doesn’t create separation or show the ball skills to make big plays. Maybe more than anything, we’re just not going deep very often. Maybe it’s the O-line. Maybe it’s that we’re not having much other success and our opportunities are limited. Maybe we’re more focused on matriculating the ball down the field, or maybe we lack confidence or accuracy at QB. Whatever it is, it’s a big change from years past.

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Gundy happened

We can’t block anybody long enough to throw long! But, we also have one guy on the outside that can separate and that’s Wallace and most people are doubling him to make others beat them and they can’t. Everybody else is unable to separate most of the time. It’s a reflection of our recruiting but mostly a way below average offensive line due to seven lost linemen since the preseason that gives our quarterbacks no time to throw.

New year, will the offensive line be bigger, stronger yet slow as molasses?