Who Could Replace Oregon State on OSU's Nonconference Football Slate?

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Five potential schools who could be options to replace Oregon State as OSU’s season-opener.

No benefit in scheduling ndsu, and little for Bama. Only schedule Bama of very confident you’ll win. OSU has to go undefeated in non-con schedule. If you play Bama and win then you’re top 2 in nation and playoffs becomes yours to lose. If you lose that game then you’re out because they’ll use that as a reason to put someone else in that hasn’t played them

I mean NDSU would probably beat Oregon State and most of our other non conference teams the past few years.

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Bama or Norte Dame

The team would probably have to fly out to Hawaii two weeks before the game, right in the middle of the second week of classes, to accommodate Hawaii’s quarantine rules. I wonder if they would even be able to practice.

A huge NO to North Dakota St. I hope Holder and Gundy are smarter than that!

And what exactly would be so “dumb” about that? They’re a better quality program and team than what we’ve scheduled in the past

How I’d rank them from most to least likely to happen (assuming the Big 12 doesn’t go to a conference only schedule):

  1. BYU
  2. Colorado State
  3. Alabama (@ Arlington)
  4. North Dakota State
  5. @ Hawaii

@ Hawaii isn’t an option. They are enforcing a 2-week quarantine on travelers and tourists. Even if the teams got exceptions from the quarantine, fans wouldn’t.

Random related thought: If the other conferences follow suit and cancel non-conference games, does the SEC scramble to change to a 9 game conference schedule?

I want nothing to do with NDSU (as mention, nothing to gain) or Hawaii. I went to UH, and we took full advantage of the time difference (especially if it was a night game). But, we always heard how hard the visiting teams next game was, because their clocks were so far off.

Give me Alabama all day! Lose to a top team early on, and we have plenty of time to recover. Win, and we immediately jump to the upper ranks (and it’s ours to lose…trying not to think about Iowa St while typing that).

Nothing gained by beating them because their fcs and you’re just supposed to beat them. And to your point that they’re better than who we’ve been scheduling, that’s why you don’t schedule them. Even a win, if kept close, looks bad. Nothing at all to gain by playing that game

I can’t see Mike Gundy breaking down the doors to the AD’s office begging for a game against Alabama. OSU would get their head kicked in and Chuba would be lucky to get over 100 yards total in that game.

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