Who is Braylin Presley? Comps for the New OSU Commit to Get You Pumped

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Presley is a game-changer who will be a dynamic playmaker at OSU.

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Ok, so let’s hear from you: Will Braylin have more yards rushing or receiving?

Return yards first year

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Size is the only reason he’s so undervalued nationally. Tyreek can tell you how much size matters when you are that quick and shifty, and Rob glass will beef the kid up some. His brother put on 17 pounds of muscle this summer alone. This kid is extremely quick and sees the field so well, he’ll be a tough tackle in the league regardless of size. Can’t wait to see how he’s used.

I already know that last sentence is going to result in some pre-meditated, estrogen-filled Gundy bashing responses from Ar1 and Joe.


I hope we keep him at RB, CJ Brown and Ollie Gordon can be the big thumpers and this kid can be the lightning quick shifty back. Truthfully he’ll probably play both and be a mismatch.

Ur last statement is going cause alot of people not named ar0 and joey to lmao. I do hope they figure out those words and meaning.

Do we know what kind of 40 time he runs? 100m? 200m? I’m excited about this signing, I know he’s small, but his moves are ankle breakers. I think these brothers are going to make some big plays. The Kansas St RB had a significant impact on their offense as a frosh…last year.

I’m extremely happy this nice young man is coming to Stilly! Personally I think he could be second version of The Freek for us if OC and Gundy find a way to get him at least 10 touches per game. I would put him in the slot!

@chris5 4.4 or faster. I tend to think 40 times are overrated because they’re not wearing pads and not wearing helmets. Some guys run good 40 speeds in shorts but not so fast w/ everything on compared to others. This kid makes everybody around him seem SLOW in games! But it is HS…

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Rushing? I don’t see him being an RB personally but maybe some end arounds or pitches to him. Definitely need to get him as many touches as possible, kid is lightning in a bottle!

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Nope, he needs to be a slot receiver and KR. Maybe PR as well but I don’t remember seeing him return punts for Bixby.

Agreed on the 40 times, but it does add a reference point. There’s something about just watching a kid’s highlights that makes you say wow! The penultimate for OSU is Barry Sanders. However, there are different wow levels that have come through Stilly over the decades. Dez was special. Justice Hill had an element that was talented. Even Prentiss Elliot had a wiggle in him that we’ll never know the ceiling. Many others…But these kids have the kind of moves that make defensive players look silly.

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Jaden Nixon will be a RS Frosh when Braylin comes to Stillwater.

This track season he has run 10.80 in the 100 and 21.7 in the 200. Both are fully auto.

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Tyreek Hill was a bigtime national recruit from juco. He went to juco cuz of grades. I love Presley but and think he is a stud but no one is Tyreek Hill. Literally the fastest player in the NFL.

We saw hill as a junior. It be wild to see 2 of them down the road.

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All I said was Tyreek can tell you how much size matters when you are quick and shifty. Didn’t say he was on tyreek’s level lol

True, we don’t use tight ends to catch the ball with really. Just go full air raid 4 wide all the time with the Presley brothers manning both slots. Idk how you could cover both of them.

@kyleboone So kelvin Banks just retweeted a tweet from a Darian Jones saying he committed to OSU is this true??? Darian Jones is the one who is supposed to have committed not Banks for clarification.

Yea looks like it. But its a pwo. Out Missouri city Texas 310 6’3. Center guard. Class 2021.
I couldn’t find him on 247.
Develop him in to a center be good.

Did I miss the Gundy bashing?