Who is Ethan Bullock? What to Know About OSU's Backup QB

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Bullock is a big-bodied quarterback who picked OSU out of junior college.

Don’t worry everyone says this is the team that will win the conference.


@kyleboone title needs to be exbackup quarter back.

Backup to the backup.

I have a feeling this was Bullock’s “last chance” after Shane Ill came in at the start of 4th quarter.

Catch Ethan Bullock in the new hit movie “How to lose a job in 30 minutes”

Who is Ethan Bullock?

Probably a guy that should be playing for Army, Navy, or Air Force instead of OSU.

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He’s not fast enough to run the triple option at those schools and from some of his decisions I don’t think he’s near smart enough to get into a service academy.

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Ethan should finish his career at OSU on the scout team after what he showed against Tulsa.

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I don’t get how he beat out Shaun Taylor. I get the Illingworth thing, they wanna redshirt him. But from what I’ve seen of Taylor he’s better than Bullock, might just be my opinion only though…