Who is the better OSU Coach? Eddie or Gundy?

  • Mike Gundy
  • Eddie Sutton

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This thread brought to you by the @kyleporterCBS basket of apples and oranges.

Sorry fat thumbed it. Take off my Gundy vote

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Eddie but not by a landslide. I think their careers at Osu resemble each other thus far!

@eddy is trying to beat the system here.

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Ok Boomers…:grin:

They’re both great and the sports are different, so it’s impossible to compare.

Gundy doesn’t have any leash with the fanbase and it’s insane.

Meanwhile, most of us would’ve been fine if Eddie had kept working after his accident. I’m amongst that group.

They’re both on OSU’s Mount Rushmore and there’s really no doubt about it except for in the minds of people that just want to discredit one or the other for whatever reason. Probably the same folks that don’t think OSU is a top 25 program in basketball.


Both were/are great coaches. Eddie proved his ability across several programs, and that is a differentiator for me. Plus the overall longevity and success. But Gundy may leave a more personalized impact on college football than Eddie left on basketball. Both are great, and as @leecothran said, both are on the OSU coaching Mt. Rushmore.


This argument is absurd and insane


Whatever, do you like apples or oranges?

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My argument is insane? How?

I will totally admit to being absolutely ok with Eddie still being our coach after his accident. I also think Gundy is the best coach our football program has ever had.

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I think these arguments are great.
I think getting upset at someone else for their vote is not great.


This has been an interesting discussion. In my opinion, Eddie is the second best basketball coach in our history. Mr. Iba is first, with the championships and all and for the innovations he brought to the game, but for many years after he retired, we had no success at all. From 1972 until Eddie became coach in 1990, we had 5 basketball coaches. Go back and check the records of those coaches from that time. It was worse than worse. Out of those 5, only 1 (Paul Hansen) took a team to the tournament, and we had only 1 conference championship (winning the Big 8 Tournament in 1983). One other coach took two of his teams to the NIT (Leonard Hamilton). Eddie brought stability to the program and we started thinking of ourselves as a basketball school again. I know his tenure didn’t end the right way, but he did a lot for our basketball program.

On the other side, Gundy is absolutely our best football coach ever. He has brought a stability we have never had in our football program’s history. I know his record against the sooners is pretty rough, but he has raised the expectations in an incredible manner. Now we’re disappointed when we don’t win 10 games or if we don’t make the Big XII championship. Gundy has brought in some great players over the years and we’re in the national conversation on a more regular basis. And in 2020, expectations are extremely high again-- just the way they should be!
Both Eddie and Gundy deserve a lot of credit in their respective sports.


Eddie is better for sure. My entire argument was that they’re in the same conversation as it relates to what they’ve done in Stillwater, and yet we worship one and bemoan the other. The way we view them and comment on them is insane given how closely their accomplishments mirror one another.

Same overall winning percentage.
Same conference winning percentage.
Couldn’t beat the blueblood of the conference.
Had great success in the postseason but only scaled the mountain once (or twice)
Didn’t recruit well but did develop well.
Had some pros but not great ones.

And on and on we go. Gundy will have the field named after him after he retires just like Eddie has the court named after him. And he deserves it.


OSU Coaching Mt Rushmore is Gallagher, Iba, Sutton, and Gundy. As much as I love John Smith can’t see him on there instead of Gundy. Gary Ward deserves some consideration as well. I completely agree with @kyleporterCBS that Gundy should have the field named for him when he is done (was just thinking about that actually in the context of this thread). I think we’ve honored Mr. Lewis for a good long while now and it wouldn’t be blasphemy to change the name whenever it is time.

Hard to argue with the coaching Mt. Rushmore, but to do that, you have to leave out a coach that won 25 conference championships, eight national championships, and is a giant in coaching and influence in his sport. He’s also made a few “minor” contributions as an administrator since his coaching days ended. That would be one Mike Holder.


Solid reply. I stand corrected. Yikes - now what to do?!

Eddie did…independent of his past transgressions at other schools…make OSU basketball very relevant.

When I mention that I went to OSU, people here like to bring up Tony Allen, for obvious reasons. Eddie made that happen.

With Gundy, it’s “oh, I love his mullet”. Because OF COURSE Southerners like that. :expressionless:

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Gundy supporters do NOT start by bringing up the mullet. Try again. (As for transgressions in plural for Eddie at otter schools… there’s just the Kentucky Emory stuff, right? Something else?)

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As someone living in Alabama, the only reason OSU is relevant to people in this part of the country is because Gundy has a mullet. That is the only thing people know about our program. I don’t think Chimp was saying that supporters only praise his mullet. He was saying that’s the reason why we are identifiable. People in Memphis identify with OSU basketball by knowing Tony Allen. Football? It is the mullet. That’s it.