Why Can't I Get Excited for College Football?

Keeping this as your lead story is a downer. Bump it on down your list…

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So you never get tired of seeing the same results from every yearly journey even when you know that is what most likely is going to happen?

I agree teatown. We are potentially playing a dangerous game coming out with a vaccine within 6 months. Seems the so called experts are more worried about giving the masses a quick answer and want to receive less questions opposed to thoroughly examining the effects of a vaccine before throwing it on the shelf. There will be even more questions and more demands if this vaccine is a failure.

One thing to get excited about is that you won’t have to face any PAC-12 or Big Ten teams. So the football team’s chances of finishing in the top 15 seem okay. Less competition equals better results for the Pokes.

Not particularly. Memories of wins are great but it’s mostly an excuse to hang out with friends.

Seriously? This has been the lead story for more a week now. It’s kinda like picking up the sports page and seeing the same headline…same story…every day. Not to mention it’s kind of depressing.

Bump it down the list already…

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You know … I think that’s it.