Why Cowboys fans should root for Texas, Texas Tech and ISU

No, it not just because we hate the dirt burglars and always root against them… It is more strategic than that. A Texas loss will drop them out of the Top 25. A Texas win will shoot them up in the rankings, and will set the table for the Cowboys to add anther Top 25 opponent notch in Pistol Pete’s Colt .45. uO will not drop out of the rankings with a loss, so there will be another opportunity to add another Top 25 to the win column at the end of the season. Texas Tech and maybe even ISU will have a chance to play their way into the Top 25 by the time we play them, with yet one or two more Top 25 wins possible.

Not counting my chickens before they hatch, but just strategizing on who to root for in the upcoming weeks of Big 12 play, FWIW!


Want OU to give them all they can handle in the process. The more physical they are with Texass the better. Wear em down but hope Texas pulls off a last second win.


Lol, a very specific scenario.

“Please win, but not before getting worn down.”


I wouldn’t be as concerned if the offense was halfway decent and reliable.

“Please win, but not before multiple injuries to both teams.”

In any other year, Ou looks unbeatable and then blows one or two games they should have won. This year they definitely look beatable. So, naturally, that most likely means they’ll hang on every week and go undefeated. I say that only because the sports gods hate my guts and love to crush my spirits as soon as my hopes get high. OSU football does it every year, OKC basketball does it every year, KC has done it every year but one, and heck even OSU basketball started joining in on the fun last year. :roll_eyes:


God I hate Texass

But keeping it close they should still be ranked when we beat them

Their ranking isn’t even what I’m concerned about. They forced Riley into a QB change which made them better and still pissed the win away. Now OU seems to have figured the offense out and they’re still undefeated thanks to a spectacular choke job by their next loser coach.

To gurls having a cat fight doesn’t mean they’re any good at fighting

Yes Robert, thankfully you are correct. We have another chance to beat a Top 25 (AP at least) team.

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